Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clinton's Experiences and Feelings Regarding Adoption

How do you think adopting a child will change your life? 
Since we currently have no children, I think that adopting a child will change our lives in much the same way that any first-time parents have their lives changed by a new addition to the family. It will mean much more responsibility and much more planning of date nights but (of course) I think that it will all be worth it to be able to raise our own children and to experience parenthood first-hand.

What does your extended family think about your adoption plans? 
My family is very supportive of our plan to adopt. My mother used to continually ask when we were going to have children, and now that she knows that we will be adopting, she constantly asks what is taking so long. Furthermore, I have an older sister that is trying to adopt through the provincial government in Alberta, Canada, so my family has been quite supportive of the idea.

How do you plan to discuss adoption with your children? 
I've actually thought about this question a lot, especially lately as the reality of adoption has become closer. I think that the best way to discuss the issue would be to inform the child very early in his/her life so that it is not something that we have to inform them of all at once. Furthermore, I think it would be important to emphasize that we (his/her adopted parents) waited a long time to finally become parents and to express the huge blessing that he/she is to us. It would also be important to let him/her know that his/her birthmother loved him/her enough to see that she couldn't take care of him/her in a way that she wanted, so she allowed us to take care of him/her instead.

How would you feel if your child wanted to meet his or her birth parents? 
Depending on how old the child is and their reasoning for wanting to meet his/her birth parents, I would be quite supportive of the idea. I wouldn't want the child to think that we are trying to sequester him/her away from his/her "real family", but rather that the child can know more whenever he or she feels ready.

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