Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clinton's Experiences and Feelings Regarding Birth Parents

Describe your feelings about birth parents: 
Being a birth parent and giving your child up must be incredibly hard to do. Hoping that the people you entrust your child with are good and honest people must also be an unimaginable experience. Obviously, the birth parents must have a lot of faith and trust that they're doing the right thing in order to go through with something that must be so difficult.

How do you feel about meeting the birth parents and exchanging gifts, letters and pictures? 
I have no problem with this idea. I think it would be important to both the child and the birth parent(s) to satisfy their curiosity and to allow both the child and the birth parent(s) to not feel excluded from the other's life.

Can you love and be loved by a child born to someone else? 
I have a difficult time understanding why a person would feel that a child entrusted to them through adoption is any different than a child born to them.
Although I have not been a parent yet, I cannot see why I would feel any less love towards an adopted child rather than a biological child.

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